Kiwaniscoop: 1/17/19


We had great meeting to kick off the new year. Our keynote speaker was Jacqueline Dolan, Founding President of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), an LA-based charity that helps children with special needs navigate a complex legal system.

CASA alleviates the feelings of abandonment and alienation that scar these young lives by harnessing the compassion and generosity of caring adults who can and do have an enormous impact on the development of the child at all ages.

Jacqueline enlightened us about all the wonderful work that CASA is doing right in our backyard and garnered support from the membership as she told compelling stories about the wonderful kids who pass through the program.

We look forward to seeing Jacqueline at future meetings and to giving CASA our support. Please join us at a meeting to hear amazing stories of philanthropy and service from outstanding, altruistic individuals.