Kiwaniscoop: 8/13/18

Former Manhattan Beach Fire Chief, Bob Espinoza, addresses the Kiwanis Club of Manhattan Beach

Former Manhattan Beach Fire Chief, Bob Espinoza, addresses the Kiwanis Club of Manhattan Beach

For today's meeting, we were happy to welcome guests from the Kiwanis Club of Hermosa Beach. Richard and Julie joined us to tell us about their upcoming event, Taste of the Beach. We hope that you'll be able to join!

Our keynote speaker was Chief Bob Espinoza, formerly of the Manhattan Beach Fire Department. Joining him was, Mike Boyd, current Battalion Chief at MBFD. Bob shared with us some fascinating facts about the fire department. There are 3 shifts per day with 9 people per shift. 66% of the call volume is for EMS services and MBFD records over 3,400 calls/year. They also deal with ALS, advanced life support (paramedics), and BLS: basic life support (EMTs). Everyone from Captain and below are paramedics. At MBFD, they transport patients but not all depts are able to. For any house fire, MBFD needs 18-19 firefighters which often means drawing resources from other departments. With about 100 fire call/year, this means that mutual aid is a necessity. Right now, as expected, many of California's resources are tied up with fighting wild fires, where they send teams in to be relieved after they have spent time fighting the wildfires. 

After the keynote, we did our election of new officers. We'll be posting those results shortly!

Suzanne Karger then presented her ideas for the upcoming Pancake Breakfast. We are hoping to use the Joslyn Center and we're getting a discount for being a 501c3. We're hoping for over 150 people to attend and Cindy is doing a lot of the admin work. The proposed date is Sunday, November 25th. Ashley and Brandon Oates doing marketing and we'll be pitching the event on November 16th. Doug Bermudez donated $1,500 to the cause! Big thanks to Doug! Tickets will be $10 with a possible discount for city employees. 

We then went into Happy Dollars, where members give donations to speak about positive events in their life. Stan gave happy dollars because he was glad to see Tiger Woods competing again. Steve gave happy dollars to welcome the new officers and to thank Bob Espinoza for coming. Desiree gave some HDs because she was grateful that her kids were back in school. Tom gave HDs because he was happy to with all his friends at Kiwanis. Bob gave HDs for getting a free meal! Ashley gave a HD for becoming a new member. Cindy and Misty gave HDs for some new open house opportunities. Rick ($40 HDs) and Mike ($6) gave HDs to recognize their respective wedding anniversaries in August. Doug gave $25 to recognize his daughter going off to high school and not having to carry the fine pot anymore. 

We were really happy to have had such an engaging meeting and we hope to see you with us in the future!