Kiwaniscoop: 9/18/18

Kaitlyn Sciarrino, Founder of Kindheartedly, joined as our keynote speaker

Kaitlyn Sciarrino, Founder of Kindheartedly, joined as our keynote speaker

New Meeting Night: We enjoyed another great meeting but this time on Tuesday night. The first big update under our new president, Cindy Carvel, is that we’re switching our meetings from the second Monday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month. Mark your calendars!

Kindheartedly Presentation: We were extremely fortunate to be joined by Kaitlyn Sciarrino, a senior at Mira Costa High School but, more importantly, the Founder and Executive Director of Kindheartedly. Kindheartedly is a 501(c)(3) charity focusing on improving the experience of female foster youths by creating “Kind Kits” (see picture above) that gives young women possessions to be proud of and to make them feel more normal in an often chaotic situation. To date, the primary beneficiary of Kindheartedly has been Maryvale Orphanage in Rosemead, CA.

Kaitlyn hopes to expand to additional orphanages as Kindheartedly grows and also begin to influence public policy. She raised over $10,000 in her most recent fundraiser and is looking for venues and volunteers for her next one, scheduled for January of 2019. Kindheartedly is off to a fast start, having won seed funding through a competition sponsored by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Kaitlyn shared with us her favorite quotation, which adequately sums up the mission of Kindheartedly:

We’ve had a police chief, a former fire chief, and many other impressive figures but Kaitlyn may have been our most impressive presenter to date. After she finished, our Kiwanians rushed to help her with her upcoming event, providing advice, support, and possible solutions to the resources she seeks.

Breakfast with Santa: We are confirmed for Saturday, November 24th at 8am at the Joselyn Center. We will be serving up pancakes as well as opportunities to take photos with Santa on the newly redesigned Santa Float. Tickets will be $10 each and there are sponsorship opportunities that range from $750 for bronze, $1,500 for silver, and $2,500 for gold. More info can be provided by Suzanne Karger and Doug Bermudez if you have questions. Thank you to you both for your hard work on this exciting new initiative!

Hometown Fair: The Hometown Fair is coming on October 6th and 7th and we need volunteers to help with the bike and stroller valet. We do this in an effort to provide a valuable community service, earn a few bucks through donations, and raise awareness for Kiwanis. Peter Yollin is on the Hometown Fair Board and can answer questions if you have them. A survey was just sent out to sign up for time slots, so if you didn’t receive it, please contact Michael Block.

Board Installation Party: We are planning our board installation party and dinner for October in lieu of our normal monthly meeting. We are still solidifying a date, however, October 25th is the current frontrunner. Jeff Wilson is running point and will be finding a venue that will work best for us. He’ll send an update soon, so stay tuned!

Social Night: On Friday, September 28th, Rick Block will be hosting a Social Night featuring Trivial Pursuit and adult beverages. Please bring a $10 gift certificate to a business of your choice so that we can add it to the list of prizes. The Evite went out on September 10th, so check your email to make sure you got it! Rick will information if you haven’t received it yet.

Happy Dollars/Sad Dollars: We had some great happy and sad dollars but I did a terrible job of taking notes. Suffice to say that everyone had much more happy than sad. Desiree is recovering nicely from a knee surgery, Misty was feeling a lot better after the recent car accident, Doug was celebrating being named a top 401k advisor, Michael was looking forward to his daughter’s third birthday, and DeAnn was happy to introduce Kaitlyn and Kindheartedly to us all.

See you next month at the Board Installation Party!