Kiwaniscoop: 8/14/17

Steve Carvel presents Britt Joyce, our newest member, with the Fine Pot, a truly great tradition

Steve Carvel presents Britt Joyce, our newest member, with the Fine Pot, a truly great tradition

The meeting began at 6pm with ELECTIONS! Here are your winners (using that term pretty loosely):

  • Immediate Past President: Steve Carvel
  • President: Peter Yollin
  • President-Elect: Cindy Carvel
  • Vice President: Misty Frasier
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Rick Block
  • Directors:
    • Michael Block
    • DeAnn Chase
    • Larry Mitchell
    • Stan Ralls
    • Jeff Wilson 

A big congratulations to Larry, who is joining the Board for the first time! Condolences to Cindy, who will have to spend the next year dreading her upcoming term of leadership. Cindy's first act as future tyrant of the group was to announce that there will be a dress code for future meetings. No more of this schlubby polo and shorts crap. This could spell disaster for the Kiwanis Club of Manhattan Beach.

Steve Carvel, in one of his final acts of presidency, brought out a beautiful bottle of bourbon as today's door prize. Since Stan forgot to bring tickets, we decided to play a new game called something extremely culturally sensitive wherein Stan writes down a number and we go around the room guessing it. 

At 6:08pm, we realized that we hadn't done the Pledge of Allegiance. Given that we're a group of patriots, we stopped and pledged allegiance. 

Food arrived and we all ate while discussing whether or not we still do aprons. 

New Business

  • Hometown Fair is October 7th & 8th. We've got to man two bike valet stations. Michael Block will be putting together a Sign Up Genius to gather commitments for volunteering time.
  • Santa Float update. We've got a map of how many kids are in each zone of Manhattan Beach. This will help us design much better routes this year! Jobs we need help with:
    • Mapping new routes
    • Backup Santas
    • GPS tracker for each night
    • Booking the groups for each night
    • Instituting a candy cane fee of $150/night
    • Santa in September: We're doing Santa in September on Sunday, September 3rd

Next, Steve presented Britt Joyce, our newest member, with the Fine Pot, perhaps the greatest and heaviest tradition of the Kiwanis Club of Manhattan Beach.

Happy/Sad Dollars

  • Stan: $10 Happy Dollars. A friend and former Kiwanian's home burned down but he will be able to replace everything due to a strong insurance policy and nobody was hurt. Also, only had to give Misty $2 this month.
  • Jeff: $5 Happy Dollars. Jeff's daughter's credit card is totally cut off now that she's graduated from college. Jeff and his family got open water certified in SCUBA. Took an awesome trip to Thailand with the family.
  • Rick: $2 Happy Dollars. 39th anniversary celebration and a brush with death on the highway.
  • Misty: Step son moved out!
  • Steve and Cindy: $10 Happy Dollars. Moved in to their new house in Manhattan Beach. Daughter supposed to start at Meadows but waiting to hear about whether they have room. There is also an open invitation to stop by Saturday, August 18th from 4-7 for a Taste of Spain open house at 515 N Guadalupe in Redondo Beach. Fantastic birthday party for Stan. Steve's presidency is almost over along with the larceny that comes along with it. 
  • Britt: Great trip to Hawaii (that's another fine) with the family. Great birthday celebration in July. Back-to-back-to-back meetings here at Tin Roof Bistro... super efficient. 
  • Steve had another happy dollar for having a new member. 
  • Mike: $5 Happy Dollars. Celebrated 5th anniversary. Happy for spending some time with the family and for the upcoming nephew. Sad dollar for going to a wedding with a full Catholic mass in 105° Stockton, CA.

We then, finally played for the door prize. Rick guessed the number (235) and is taking home the bourbon!

The meeting concluded with Britt getting a patented Kiwanis Club of Manhattan Beach wet seat. What a meeting!

Wait, the meeting can't adjourn without a bell! Steve lost the Bell in his actual final act as president. He paid $10 back and his wife/President-Elect revealed the erstwhile Bell. 

Now we can adjourn. Hail Kiwanis!