Kiwaniscoop: 5/8/17

From left to right: Guest Kathleen Terry, President Steve Carvel, Past President DeAnn Flores Chase, and guest Patricia Jones from PS I Love You

From left to right: Guest Kathleen Terry, President Steve Carvel, Past President DeAnn Flores Chase, and guest Patricia Jones from PS I Love You

The meeting began a little late but with a bang. At 6:10pm, Yours Truly led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a pretty darn good rendition of the Star Spangled Banner led by Jeff Wilson. Despite a few sour notes, the group did ol’ Francis Scott Key proud!

Guests were then introduced, beginning with Lawrence Martin from the El Segundo chapter who also happens to be our current Lt Governor. Lawrence delivered a strong message regarding increasing membership, noting that it’s the life blood for our causes. Lawrence asked that we all keep an eye on the Division 19 newsletter, which includes a letter from him in every issue. Lawrence reminded that we’re more powerful together, so please think about getting membership up so that our power to do good in the community can grow with it.

Lawrence then invited Jim Thompson the Lomita chapter to say a few words. Jim has been active in both Kiwanis and Key Club. Jim, our Lt Governor Elect, then addressed the room reminding us to get our elections for next term done. He also stressed the importance of growing our membership, so let’s get it together people! What do we want? More members! When do we want them? NOW!

DeAnn then gave a report about the toy drive for the LA Toy Loan Program. You can read all about it here! We got some help from Key Club and filled up the truck. Great work, everyone!

Steve then reminded everyone to sign up for the Older Adult Health Fair, where Kiwanis will be helping with parking assistance and filling our applications. There are still slots for volunteers, so please sign up right away!

Steve then asked Stan for an update on the Comedy & Magic Club event and Stan reminded us that we need to not only sell the ticket but also to call in the reservation. Steve threatened Stan with a fine for insubordination but Stan stood resolute in defiance… or he didn’t hear him, it’s hard to tell with Stan.

We then welcomed our guest, Patricia Jones, representing the PS I Love You Foundation. Patricia began working with PS I Love You after having an interaction with a less fortunate family whose sheer goodness despite their adversity inspired her to get more involved. “PS I Love You” came from a loving note that Patricia’s mom would place in her lunch bag every day when she was growing up. The mission is to teach kids to be conscious, confident, curious, and compassionate. By creating a safe place in the classroom to discuss and learn, PS I Love You reaches about 1,500 kids per year with this mission but the demand is higher than the supply of volunteers.

After about 15 minutes of several poorly trained adults trying their best, we were able to then present Patricia's video about the program. The video reminded us all that life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond do it. If this message touches you, please consider volunteering at PS I Love You's "Day at the Beach" on July 29th.

Steve ended the meeting showing updated information from Leadership Manhattan Beach's plans to help revamp Kiwanis Santa Float. The complete, ground up rebuild was inspired by local architecture, historical photos, and our beloved beach lifestyle. The new design looks amazing and we couldn't be more excited about launching with our brand new float!

Thank you all who came to the Kiwanis meeting this month. For those who didn't I hope you enjoyed the Scoop! Don't forget to volunteer!