Kiwaniscoop: 3/13/17

President Elect Peter Yollin took the gavel from President Steve for today's meeting. Steve was unable to join and Peter was eager to show him up in his absence. I joined the meeting late and despite my attempt to sneak in during the Pledge of Allegiance, Peter caught me a fairly but sternly fined me $1. 

We welcomed a guest, Suzanne, from Leadership Manhattan Beach. She is an active member of the LMB group and was welcomed resoundingly to our humble meeting. 

LMB has a ticketed event this year and the beneficiary is the Manhattan Beach Santa Float. Peter stressed the importance of joining the fundraiser, which will be an auction and party at the Bo Bridges Gallery on Thursday, March 16th. That's only three days from now!

Furthermore, we are all invited to go to the Leadership MB class on the night of March 27th from 6:20pm to 6:50pm at Manhattan Beach Public Works to learn more about the LMB plans for the Santa Float. Mark your calendars and show some solidarity with our brethren and sistren at LMB!

Stan then gave a Toy Drive update. DeAnn, who was unable to make it tonight, has been working directly with the Toy Loan Program to find a date. We've had difficulty pinning down a date that works for the Toy Loan folks, the school, and for us. We hope to have a date ready to announce by the end of the week.

Peter then reminded that we will be doing bike and stroller valet for the Tour de Pier on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Shifts will start at 6:45am, so take it easy on the wine (or, in my case, craft beer) the night before! Peter decreed that we will be scheduling shifts at the April Kiwanis meeting. 

Stan then gave us an update on the Comedy & Magic Club event. We are planning to hold it on Wednesday, May 31st. Stan reminded that not only do we need to sell tickets but we need to collect a silly amount of information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses of the attendees. The Comedy & Magic Club is very particular and only makes money when people show up, so attendance is very important for those who buy tickets. Peter suggested that we think about doing the event on EventBright but Stan wasn't really hearing it. To clarify, this wasn't a hearing aid issue.

With no other new business, Peter opened the floor up to happy and sad dollars:

  • Stan: One sad dollar for having to give Misty two dollars because she didn't have any dollars to put in. 
  • Cindy: One sad dollar on Steve's tab because she had to leave early.
  • Tina: Two sad dollars. She was forced to leave an organization she loves. Two happy dollars. The judge ruled in her favor!
  • Mike (me): Five happy/sad dollars. Going on vacation (happy!) but it's in Philly (sad!). Mother-in-Law is coming in (happy!) but her flight is canceled (sad!). Things are up in the air (or, more accurately, very little is in the air).
  • Peter: Four sad dollars that he didn't want to go into. One happy dollar, though, for being happy to still be here with us!
  • Rick: Happy dollar for heading off to New Orleans. Sad dollars for the passing of a close friend and the passing of man's best friend. 
  • Misty: Happy dollar for using Stan's money. Happy dollar for her husband coming back into town tomorrow!

There was a quick announcement about an upcoming luncheon for Mychal's Learning Place. The luncheon is coming up and Kiwanis has ten tickets for ten lucky members!

Stan then regaled the members with an oldie but a goodie: the story of the time Rick got on the wrong plane and ended up in the wrong city. I've heard that story a thousand times but it's still good on the thousand and first time! How does someone even get on the wrong plane? Rick found a way.

With nothing left to discuss, Peter adjourned the meeting early at 6:40pm, a new record! Peter definitely showed that he's ready to take the mantle should Steve ever show weakness.